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A Software Engineer For Life

I am interested in algorithmically seeking out contradictions and inconsistencies in deceitful text, specifically in “bipolar” legal text. Here is my resume and personal “history.”

I have been threatened, arrested (most recently on 1/21/2022, see my petitions, appeals and complaints to the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit, and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court at and was ordered to apply for 10 jobs a week.

With a total of over 600 job applications submitted by 2/28/2023, in addition to my 800+ solicitations for work in 2019, I clearly cannot claim “great matches” with any of them, specifically because of the particular circumstances of my relevant work since 2017.

A successful application for an obsessively ordered “full-time” position with a Massachusetts business would also mean abandoning my ~$1M investment in my also Massachusetts company, Quantapix, Inc., along with all my personal savings and my entire retirement at age 61.

Additionally, if my lawsuits fail, I certainly will be sent to jail considering my forcedly accumulated $315,000+ of in-arrears obligations for my dear four children (from $0 in 2018). If my petitions, appeals and/or lawsuits succeed in the next months or years, I would be left with no sane reason to abandon Quantapix.