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Interactive Simulation Of A Civil RICO Complaint

As a consequence of my decade-long struggle in a massively invalidating Mass. Family Court, I had no choice but to learn “the law” behind complex RICO litigations.

Always fascinated by dynamic, “life-like” (or multi-threaded) interactions, I immediately imagined the patterns behind the multitude of claims of my RICO class action complaint as the ideal application for one of my favorite “visualization” software packages, Cytoscape.

A class action RICO lawsuit is certainly not about our biological proteins or genes, but simulating a causal network of “interstate commerce” certainly has direct “metabolic” parallels. Through my years of data-science work, I also fell in love with Jupyter, the ultimate “lab” for someone who only has a laptop.

The new JupyterLab is extensible with React “visualization” widgets, meaning that one can freely experiment with a Python back-end feeding a state-of-the-art front-end, customized with Typescript.

With my continued inability to reliably run demanding NLP tasks, my only choice seems to be to seek out the sweet spot of my trusty old laptop’s capabilities: its great “visualization.”

Therefore, I will switch gears, and for the next three months, I will focus on combining the above-listed tech into a “” (or, more precisely, a JupyterLab extension). My objective will be to interactively simulate, evaluate, and validate my (and possibly also generic) civil RICO claims.

My ongoing weekly blog will reflect this necessary switch of focus.