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As Repeatedly Substantiated In Court - An Early Qnarre Report

Dear Atty. Xavier,

“Due to the quick-fire motions just before the last hearing, I was not able to send out the Beta Draft 0.1 report. I am attaching it now as an Excel file and a summary.pdf. I can also send a plain .csv file if necessary.

The Excel workbook is simple, it has a ‘Raw’ table and a ‘Pivot’ summary: the already emailed topics and narratives are the main categories along with the 5 types of judgments that Qnarre will be initially released with. This initial report only draws from the 3 prior judgments of the Court. As such it is an all important skeleton (obviously, no numeric weights) with an initial 1,277 “inconsistencies” (the Dr. Deutsch 900+ GAL errors are NOT included).”